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“If you can stop Steph Curry on just one play, it’s incredible”

Steph Curry was talked about after committing a turnover during a late-game situation that prevented the Golden State Warriors from winning. Hall of Famer Joe Dumars had something to say about the officiating that cost them the win.

During a 116-113 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Nov. 29, Warriors star Curry decided to end the game with a 3-pointer. It proved to be a terrible decision as Mavs big man Maxi Kleber read his mind and closed out the four-time champion well. The play ended when Steph was called for a travel violation that some considered contraversial.

For most fans, it’s a head-scratcher as to why the officials called the violation on Golden State’s guard. Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations of the NBA Dumars responded as to why it was called a travel.

“The defense make a great play,” Dumars said. “He defends Steph, right? And he gets him to stop. Why should the defense be penalized? Listen, if you can stop Steph Curry on just one play, it’s incredible. And so, you don’t want to penalize the defense.

“They make a great play. They get a guy kinda locked up. And you allow him a third and fourth step. It goes back to what I’m saying: just really unfair to the defensive player.”


According to the former Detroit Pistons player, the NBA has decided to be vigilant in making certain calls. A similar response was given when asked about a call on Houston Rockets center Alperen Sengun.

“I know that sometimes it looks like we are being a little bit too strict,” said Dumars, who won two championships with the Pistons and was a five-time All-Defensive team selection. “We just don’t want guys to cross the line.”

During Thursday’s 118-109 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Sengun posterized Spurs center Zach Collins. He was called for an offensive foul, and fans were visibly disappointed with the call.


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Steph Curry isn’t the only star getting called for a travel

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry

It looks like the league has doubled down on blowing whistles on offensive players who commit travel violations. So far, Steph Curry has been the favorite in situations such as these. The Warriors guard has been called for five travel violations during games against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Mavs.

According to ESPN’s Malika Andrews, calls on travel violations have doubled since the previous season. Last season, there were 1.27 travels called per game. However, after Dumars and his department have put an emphasis on calling it, with calls increased to 2.93 this season.

Stars like Luka Doncic, Donovan Mitchell and even veterans like Eric Gordon have been called for traveling this season. Last week, there were 14 travel calls during the New York Knicks’ game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Didn’t they get a memo to stop calling them?”Oh, to call more?”Oh, well they did it.”They definitely did it.” – Julius Randle on the 14 travel calls in the Cavs-Knicks game

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