Hue Jackson attempts to clarify claims on SportsCenter

Early this week, the NFL had a bombshell dropped with the filing of a lawsuit by Brian Flores. The Cleveland Browns seemingly got drug into the conversation by former head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson indicated via Twitter, in response to the executive director of his foundation, that he too was offered bonuses to tank.

The Browns organization responded with a strongly worded denial of Jackson’s claims.

The current Gambling State head coach then appeared on the Wednesday evening edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter. During the almost 15 minute interview, Jackson attempted to clarify his claims. He noted that he was presented a four-year plan that didn’t note winning until years three and four and that he was being paid to coach a team that was not set up to win.

Jackson did not state that he offered money to lose but that the organizations had bonuses for things that he believed did not lead to winning including things like having a very young roster.

As shared in Wednesday’s piece, Jackson reiterated that he had gotten a secret extension from Cleveland and lost a grievance against the team in arbitration.

You can see the entirety of the interview in the two clips below:

It seems possible that Jackson could attach himself to Flores’ lawsuit which could lead to his claims being addressed in court. Jackson continues to state that he has proof and that the NFL is aware that he has proof of his claims, perhaps stemming from the arbitration. What he considers proof could come into play in any legal proceeding.