High School Football Star Scores 8 Touchdowns Day After Mom’s Death: ‘Really Special Feeling’

Alex Brown Instagram

Alex Brown Instagram

Alex Brown Instagram

A New Jersey high school football player honored his late mom on the field during a Friday game, all while bringing his team to the next round in playoffs.

Alex Brown, a senior at Red Bank Catholic High School, scored eight touchdowns in a single game the day after his mom, Michelle Brown, died of breast cancer, CBS New York reports. Alex, who told NJ.com that his mom was his “biggest inspiration,” threw for six touchdowns and ran for two.

“I threw that first touchdown pass and I just knew she was gonna be with me the whole night,” Alex told CBS of his late mother, adding, “It was a really special feeling.”

Alex Brown QB and his mom

Alex Brown QB and his mom

Alex Brown Twitter

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He told the outlet that his success in the game seemed destined from the start, explaining, “It honestly felt like the whole night was scripted before I even got there,” he said. “It was awesome.”

Alex is taking his Friday victory as a sign that his mom is still by his side. The quarterback said his experience “just shows that she is with me,” telling CBS, “I’m going to make sure the world knows who Michelle Brown is, and I’ll carry that for the rest of my life.”

Ray Brown, Alex’s father, told USA Today that watching his son play on Friday was “incredibly emotional, even to the point a lot of things my wife did, things like she would kick him three times in the butt and says, ‘Go get ’em, Tiger,’ and I had to do that.”

He continued, “So it was emotional. [Alex] was texting her phone right before the game saying things to her.”

In a message posted to Twitter on Nov. 11, Alex said that his mom had been battling breast cancer for 14 years at the time of her death.

“Today I lost my best friend, my teacher, and my mother,” he wrote. “My mom had been battling breast cancer that had spread throughout her body for 14 years, she was never supposed to make it this long, but through love and her insane strength she fought. I love you mama, Rest In Peace.”

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After Friday’s game, his impressive performance was reported on by outlets like ESPN’s SportsCenter. SportsCenter promoted his inspiring story on their Instagram page over the weekend, which caught the eye of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who commented, “Proud of you,” and tagged Alex’s account.

Brady’s message got back to the young football star, who thanked him for reaching out and replied, “You are a huge role model and someone I look up to not only in football but in life, thank you … my mama would be extremely happy.”

Alex described the response to his now-viral game as “insane,” telling USA Today, “I posted a video because I wanted to make a tribute, posted it on Instagram and Twitter thanking her for watching over me.”

He added, “I looked the next day and I have over 5 million views and 100,000 likes and I’m getting a call from ESPN SportsCenter and getting a call from Fox. And I see Tom Brady commenting and texting me a nice paragraph about me and my mom and playing football.”