Gars Thoughts – Winners Only Club

Gars Thoughts – Winners Only Club


The bowl Games have not even started, let alone the Army vs. Navy Game. The 2023 season is already confirmed crazy; in a good way of course: here are 5 thoughts from Gars about this new system is coming in and making an impact on only it’s second year. 

Reason 1: Power to Players

The NIL stands for “name, image, and likeness. With that comes powers for players to advocate why not only they would like to play for a new program for their future, but for their present day situation. Now they can run children camps, sponsor for big brands, and sell merchandise using their name. In all sports, not just football, students of all sports, genders, and background can really make a name for themselves and really make a killing for themselves living out their college years

Reason 2: The Negotiating

Many people say this new NIL is now becoming like nfl/nba free agency where programs are going to have bidding wars against each other for their best players. Colleges now have an even bigger advantages, such as Colorado with the hire of Prime, to promote their brand to players who want to stand with him. I think this really builds  Rapport with both the program and players and creates a lot less of a gap between them 

Reason 3: Greediness

Okay before you dive into this one: many old school fans might think this is about Players wanting money: false. This is a negative side of NIL: Athletic directors, such as Gene Smith from Ohio State, are reaching out for a handout to what he might say “benefit the organization” however, this is a sad attempt to fill his own pocket and should be monitored by the NCAA to maybe monitor suspicious activity such as this

Reason 4: Player Showcase Personality

The first example of this that I saw from the first year last year was the famous Bryce Young Dr Pepper commercial when a teen goes to their mom and dad and all the sudden you see the heisman winner vibin with his parents and now he takes over as the favorite son. Who doesn’t wanna see more of that light hearted humor?

Reason 5: Players See Transparency

In many instances, you hear a lot of coaches using loopholes to get their players to come to their program even if it’s under the table. As shown in shows like Blue Mountain State where they give players fancy cars, women, and anything else that college football players value. Now it’s an even playing field and fair game for any program to give players things that they want that aren’t necessarily labeled towards greed. Less he said she said drama between Coaches like Jimbo and Saban and more natural recruiting pitches where all programs can showcase what they really stand for.

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