Fusion Sport is a global leader in human performance software for elite military and sport organizations

BROOMFIELD, Colo., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The exploding landscape of new human performance technology is being mapped by Fusion Sport, a global leader in performance optimization. Dr. Markus Deutsch, Fusion’s Sport’s CEO and co-founder, said the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Tech Stack 2022 brings some clarity to the chaos and helps organizations make better, more strategic decisions about their human performance technology investments.

The new Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Tech Stack 22 was created to bring clarity to fast-growing industry and help organizations make better, more strategic decisions about their human performance technology investments. (PRNewsfoto/Fusion Sport)

The HPO Tech Stack brings clarity to the chaos helping organizations make better decisions about technology investments.

A recent study by Blue Weave Consulting estimated the 2020 global player tracking market at approximately $750 million and growing to over $3 billion by 2027.

“The rapid proliferation of software, wearables and other technologies in the human performance space offers exciting new opportunities to improve athlete and service member performance, health and well-being,” said Dr. Deutsch. “But the sheer number of choices, plus the noise, hype and fads surrounding this ever-expanding list of tools make it harder than ever to select the right options that fit an organization’s unique goals.”

The HPO Tech Stack features nearly 200 products used by professional sports teams, colleges and universities, governing bodies, Olympic committees, military units and other organizations to monitor performance.

Organized into seven outcome-focused categories, and 34 subcategories, the HPO Tech Stack covers a broad range of applications from training, load monitoring, recovery, performance testing, medical data, front office operations and data management.

Household names such as Oura, Garmin, Apple, Polar and AWS grace the list. Performance professionals will recognize tech such as Catapult, Second Spectrum, Teambuildr and Vald. Niche or sport-specific technologies such as Commit Swimming and E-Trakka are also included.

“There is so much growth in this market right now, and we are committed to keeping the HPO Tech Stack as accurate and current as possible,” said Dr. Deutsch. “We’ve published the HPO Tech Stack 2022 as a beta version and are inviting feedback from the human performance community to help make it more comprehensive. It will be exciting to see how it changes in just a short period of time.”

The HPO Tech Stack features Fusion Sport’s own data visualization platform – Smartabase – as well as its competitors. Smartabase is a HIPAA-compliant workflow and decision support system that drives improvement in human performance, optimizes strength, speed, stamina and resilience, and helps mitigate injury risk.

To access a copy of the Human Performance Optimization Tech Stack 2022, visit perform.fusionsport.com/hpo-tech-stack.

About Fusion Sport
A global company founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2003, with international headquarters in Colorado and London, U.K., Fusion Sport is a global leader in using data to optimize human performance. The company’s performance and analytics platform, Smartabase, is the source of truth for national sporting federations, Olympic committees, many of the world’s highest-profile sporting teams, military research and operational wings, and performing arts organizations. For more information, visit fusionsport.com.

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