Football Champions League’s surprises

10 Surprising European Cup and UEFA Champions League Winners | 90min

8 teams that have reached the playoffs have already been determined. Their list gave someone positive surprises, but for someone it was a tragedy. Indeed, the tournament was unpredictable. Many football predictions had to be changed, odds and quotes also changed. But the bookmakers quickly reacted to the surprises, especially

So what surprised you the most?

How so, Atlético!

It may not be Spain’s TOP 1, but the club has a reputation for being a solid mid-ranger capable of climbing to the top. And what do we see today? In his group, he took the last place, which removes the question of even getting into the Europa League. Clearly the team is going through difficult times.

By the way, it is the result of Atlético’s game that is considered the main sensation of the competition.

Record held for 20 years

It was established by the Russian Spartak when he managed to concede 18 goals and score only one. But FC “Rangers” managed to surpass the achievement of Spartak and concede 22 goals against the background of 2 scored.

By the way, they even had a competitor! As many as 16 goals were scored against Ajax.

Gift for Napoli fans

Sensations are good too. So the Neapolitans gave a lot of joy to their fans, becoming the leaders of their group. It included not only the unlike Ajax, but also Liverpool.

Help for the British from the French

Tottenham managed to snatch victory from Marseille, although the latter played at home. Due to the difficulties in group D, it was not clear until the last moment who went forward and who flies out. And now the triumph of Tottenham allowed him to take first place in the group table.

Bavaria sweeps away everyone on the way

From the very beginning, this FC clearly indicated its position regarding the passage to the playoffs. Therefore, he played powerfully, confidently and no one doubted that Bayern would go further.

List of teams that qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League

  • A group: Liverpool, Napoli
  • Group: Bruges and Porto
  • C group: Inter, Bayern
  • D group: Tottenham, Eintracht.

Expectations from the Champions League group stage and reality

Many predictions for the results of matches did not come true from the first meetings. But bookmakers and bettors have managed to adapt to what is happening and continue to bet on winning combinations.

As mentioned above, completely upset Atlético. Barcelona was also surprised, which will play in the Europa League, although many had pinned their hopes on it.

The situation with Marseille requires additional consideration. Additional minutes have been added to match time. They expired, but the referee did not stop the game, which cost the French another 1 goal and relegation even from the European League. Of course, the behavior of the referee does not justify the players who gave up before the end of the competition, but it would be worth looking into.

Who leads the top scorers

At the moment, the player from Liverpool, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, has bypassed everyone. Kylian Mbappe “breathes” right in his back. So nothing is decided yet, and you can still express your own opinion about who will win. And the best way to do this is at a bookmaker.

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