‘F*** you, Aaron Rodgers’ [Video]

Everyone was expecting an amazing sign-off from longtime ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne on Monday night, and he didn’t disappoint. He found the perfect story to tell at the end of his final broadcast on the network he called home for 27 years.

Things got legendary before the final moments, though.

‘F*** you, Aaron Rodgers’

Mayne’s final broadcast was stacked with great guests, but the most anticipated was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. For the first time, Rodgers opened up about the rift between him and the Packers.

Despite getting some context on the impasse between Rodgers and Green Bay’s front office, the single best moment was when Mayne ended the interview. He and Rodgers are friends, and he wrapped things up in a way that only a friend could get away with.

“Last time we did the interview together, you told me to go heavy in the cryptocurrency game. I did. We’re down 40 percent, then I lost my job. Gretchen just wants a new comforter. F*** you, Aaron Rodgers.”

Then Mayne walked off. Rodgers, who was still on camera, laughed and said, “I love you, Ken.”

Mayne asks Marshawn about aliens

Mayne’s final broadcast had to include Marshawn Lynch. Mayne interviewed Lynch during his rookie year with the Buffalo Bills in 2007, which included Lynch’s feelings about chain restaurants, Buffalo nightlife and Buffalo women. It was an instant classic.

Mayne’s final interview with Lynch didn’t involve any trips to Applebee’s, but it did include a conversation about aliens. If you ever wanted to know how Marshawn would interact with aliens if they ever came to Earth, now you know.

“We’ll politic for a minute, we’ll see what they’ve got going on. If they’re some cool aliens, then maybe we’ll probably put it together a little later on. But if not, ‘Hey man, you know what, y’all be easy, y’all have a safe drive back to wherever it is y’all going. But you know, we’re just down here, kicking back and moving and grooving here on Planet Earth.'”

Mayne remembers his first day on the job

At the end of the broadcast, Mayne got about 30 seconds to say goodbye and sign off for the final time. He decided to tell a story about his first day at ESPN.

Mayne has come a long way from being called “rookie” on the set after talking over the animation to his “SportSmash” segment. After saying “Thanks for having me, thanks for having electricity,” he walked off camera for the final time. On Twitter, he had a shorter, simpler message.

No, Kenny. Thank you.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01:  Comedian Kenny Mayne being interviewed on the red carpet at the screening of go90's

After 27 years at ESPN, anchor Kenny Mayne signed off on Monday for the last time. (Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images)

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