Everything you need to know about Coach K

Everything you need to know about Coach K

Coach K has taken Duke basketball to the pinnacle of college basketball, but how much do you really know about the Hall of Fame coach?

Whether you know him just as Coach K or have trained your brain to properly spell Mike Krzyzewski every time, Duke basketball’s head coach has left his mark on the college game in a million different ways.

He’s been a staple of the sport for decades, rivaling the all-time greats with victories and titles.

That means there are decades worth of information you might not remember about him.

How long has Coach K been at Duke?

Krzyzewski has been the head coach at Duke for 42 yards, making him one of the longest-tenured coaches in college basketball.

However, he doesn’t hold the record for Division I though. Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim got his gig with the Orange four years before Coach K landed at Duke.

When was Coach K’s first year at Duke?

Krzyzewski got his first head coaching job at Army a year after he was discharged from service. He spent five seasons with the Cadets before taking over at Duke in 1980.

Coach K managed a 17-13 record in his first season with the Blue Devils, taking his team to the quarterfinal of the NIT. However, he needed a few years to build up his program before competing for national titles.

Coach K career wins

In total, Krzyzewski has a record of 1,200-367 (.766). At Duke alone, his record is 1,127-308 (.785). He holds the record for the most victories for a college basketball head coach in history.

Coach K age

Krzyzewski turned 75 years old on Feb. 13.He was born in 1947 and was just 28-years-old when he started coaching at Army.

Coach K salary

According to USA Today, Coach K makes $7.35 million per season in base salary, not including bonuses for postseason success.

How many national championships does Coach K have?

Krzyzewski has won five national titles in three different decades.

He won his first championship in 1991 and followed it up with another in 1992. He lifted a trophy again in 2001, then waited almost another decade for a title in 2010.

His most recent championship came in 2015.

Why is Coach K leaving Duke?

Last June, Coach K revealed the 2021-22 season would be his last with the Blue Devils. Why? He’s retiring.

After 42 years of coaching, he’s taking the opportunity to enjoy life on the calmer side.

Who is Coach K’s wife?

Krzyzewski married Carol “Mickie” Marsh in 1969 before he got into coaching. The couple have three daughters and 10 grandchildren.

Is Coach K Catholic?

Yes, raised a Roman Catholic, Krzyzewski attented a Catholic prep school in Chicago called Archbishop Weber High School for boys. He attended St. Helen School Ukrainian Village in Chicago as a youth.

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