ESPN features Texas Tech’s Crazy Finish v LSU [Watch]

News Highlights: ESPN features Texas Tech’s Crazy Finish v LSU [Watch]

Scott Van Pelt is one of the last major sports anchors on TV. A connection to the heyday of ESPN and SportsCenter when it was TV you must see.

Today, SVP hosts a pm segment of SportsCenter and has a wildly popular segment called Bad Beats. The segment will go through sports betting scenarios that look like they are going one way, then quickly going the other way.

The Red Raiders were part of the Monday night segment with Van Pelt highlighting the Texas Tech-LSU match in which the Red Raiders went from seven to five with just over a minute left. More painful for gamblers than just the great comeback is that LSU also failed to cover the spread after a brutal foul call with less than two seconds left.

Van Pelt’s co-host couldn’t believe the referees even mentioned the mistake at the end, shouting, “OHHHH, what are you doing ?!”

Van Pelt closed the segment by saying, “Just take the 12 nothing Red Raider run right in your eye hole and call it a day.”

I think the question is, who benefited from Terrence Shannon’s free throws? This man did. He bet $ 15,000 dollars on Texas Tech to win by over 3.5 and was absolutely sunk… to that incredible 12-0 run.

The next Bad Beat also played LSU, but this time against Texas A&M.

In this scenario, A&M only needed to score a minimum of 68 points to win bettors who bet they would score more than 67.5 points in the match. With more than nine minutes left, the Aggies had 66 points and the lead. The final would be LSU 78 for the Aggies 66. They didn’t score a single point in the last 10 minutes of the game. Really amazing.

The SVP edition of SportsCenter wasn’t done with Texas just yet Tech, one of both. Later in the schedule, Red Raiders Head Coach Chris Beard joined the show to discuss the game against Oklahoma. Van Pelt put Texas in the spotlight Techs toughness and makes Beard feel at home by putting a log on the fire making it a Fireside Chat.

Beard’s best sentence from the interview came when Van Pelt said Beard was going to watch a movie last night before going to bed.

“If we win at home, we’re going to get a Tito’s,” Beard said. “Hopefully we are not at work tonight.”

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