ESPN Announces Contract News For Chris Berman

Chris Berman talking on ESPN.

Chris Berman talking on ESPN.

On the same day longtime SportsCenter anchor Kenny Mayne announced he was leaving the Worldwide Leader, ESPN announced new contract news for Chris Berman.

Berman has agreed to a multi-year extension with ESPN, the network announced on Monday. He’ll continue appearing on NFL PrimeTime, SportsCenter and other various programs in coming years.

“Legendary sports commentator and industry innovator Chris Berman has reached a new multi-year agreement with ESPN, it was announced today, on the occasion of Berman’s 66th birthday, by Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor,” wrote Allie Stoneberg via ESPN Press Room. “Berman, who joined ESPN a month after its September 7, 1979 launch, will continue to bring his uniquely energetic and passionate style to various high-profile assignments.”

Berman is a foundational member of ESPN’s NFL coverage. You could even go as far to say he’s the face of such coverage. ESPN will try and keep him around as long as possible.

NFL fans are thrilled to hear Chris Berman is sticking around on ESPN for a few more years. But the news is a bit inopportune.

Longtime SportsCenter anchor Kenny Mayne announced on Monday that he’s left ESPN. Why? He clarified he’s a “salary cap casualty.”

Mayne, like Berman, are fan favorites. It’s tough seeing one leave and the other stay, but such is the current state of ESPN. The network is trying to cut costs. That unfortunately means more well-known media members may turn into salary-cap casualties as well. But not Berman.

ESPN is keeping Berman around for the next few years, giving him the reins to the network’s exclusive NFL coverage on ESPN+.

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