College Football Cure Bowl: Where is Troy University?

The Troy Trojans have been playing football for well over 100 years, but not everyone knows where Troy University is located.

As the Troy Trojans get set to face off against the University of Texas – San Antonio Road Runners in the Cure Bowl in Orlando, it’s time to make sure everyone is up to date on where Troy University happens to be located.

The Trojans have a proud football program with some pretty notable accomplishments.

This is a team that has been around since 1909, claims three national championships (okay, to be fair, one is an NAIA championship and then two of them are Division II championships), and has claimed 22 conference championships.

Despite that lengthy and generally sustained success throughout its history, many folks outside the region where Troy is located may not be familiar with where the university calls home. And that’s because Troy University happens to be located in a pretty small Southern town.

Where is Troy University?

Once known as Troy State Normal School (a “normal school” was a place where teachers were educated, for what that’s worth) and then later Troy State Teachers College, Troy State College, and Troy State University, the Trojans happen to reside in the southeast Alabama town of (you may have guessed it by now) Troy, Alabama.

Yes, Troy University is in Troy. For what it’s also worth, Auburn University is in Auburn. Maybe there’s something about establishing a university in the eastern half of Alabama and then naming it after the town it happens to be in?

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