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2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT Turns the Sportbike GSX-R into a Sport Tourer

Photo credit: Kevin Wing

Photo credit: Kevin Wing

  • Suzuki is addressing an aging demographic by making the amazing GSX-R into a more palatable sport touring bike.

  • The new motorcycle shares much of its componentry with the iconic GSX-R sport bike, but in a more comfortable layout.

  • The bike will be in showrooms in late May or early June for $13,149 before destination charges.

Some people, now I ain’t saying you, but it seems some people have gotten older lately. Those people, many of them motorcyclists, are no longer quite as willing to reach way forward and grab those clip-on hand grips and slide their magnificent kiesters off the side of the seat and drag their elbows on every turn. This ain’t you, of course, you’re still young and vibrant and don’t need help getting out of bed in the morning. But others, well…

Recent data suggests there are 46 million adults in the US

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Kids’ sport may fail to get across the family budget line as cost of living soars

Australians love their sport, but as families try to rein in their day-to-day costs, extracurricular activities are being booted and forcing more children to sit on the sidelines.

Almost $13.5 billion was spent by Australians on fees for participation in sport or physical activity over the past year.

More than $3 billon was spent on fees for children’s participation in sport, and more than $10.4 billion for adults.

That is compared to $2.3 billion for children and $8.4 billion for adults in 2016.

The average cost to participate in sport is about $970 per year, with more than

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The 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport: An efficient small crossover, but ready for an update

Price: The 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport starts at $24,260.

Don’t think the 2022 Nissan

Rogue Sport is a sporty version of the Nissan Rogue compact SUV. This is a separate vehicle in its own right, slightly smaller than the Rogue yet larger than the Kicks subcompact crossover SUV. Car companies can’t have too many SUVs in their portfolios, so in-between models like these are inevitable.

Another inevitability is the passing of time, which sees this generation of Rogue Sport coming to a conclusion. We’re expecting Nissan to bring a new iteration for the 2023 model year. Until then, the 2022 Rogue Sport functions as an efficient small crossover SUV, but doesn’t really have any qualities to make it shine.

The Nissan Rogue Sport


2022 Nissan Rogue Sport pricing

Starting with a front-drive model in S trim, the 2022 Rogue Sport has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of

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WBSC provides equipment to support Baseball5 in Zambia

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