Carson-Newman basketball player makes SportsCenter Top 10

Dyer’s spectacular play came in at number 10 on ESPN SportsCenter’s top play countdown.

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. — A play made by Carson-Newman basketball player Ren Dyer made ESPN SportsCenter’s top 10 for a play he made on Monday night.

In the Eagles’ win against Coker, Dyer inbounded the ball off a defender’s back and dunked it. The play drew an excited reaction from Carson-Newman’s bench. 

“It was a good moment, it definitely was,” Dyer told WBIR on Tuesday.

He said he woke up Tuesday morning to a text from a friend telling him he made it and then many other messages came flooding in of the national recognition.

Dyer said this was kind of a redemption moment for a dunk that he missed last year where he almost put an opposing player on a poster. He said that for sure would have been a SportsCenter TOP 10 moment too.

This cool moment is even cooler when you consider what he had to overcome coming into this season.

“If he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all,” his head coach Chuck Benson said. “He had wrist surgery, he had an ankle injury, he was sick a couple of times and just now he’s getting back now and getting himself to a confident place that benefits him and benefits our team.”

He’s been through a lot, but contributing a bunch to this team now. Dyer put himself and Carson-Newman in the national spotlight.

He achieved what most athletes dream of and that’s make SportsCenter Top 10.

“I never thought it would be a real moment,” he said. “It’s awesome. It is. It’s sweet.”

You can see the top play here: