Best Boats for Sale at Network Yacht Brokers Kent

Network Yacht Brokers Kent are great importers that properly handle boats for sale Kent and brand new yachts from six to seventeen meters, all within the United Kingdom from Kent offices. We are based in Gillingham Marinas, Chatham, and Medway, Kent. For people searching for climates that have a lot of sun, we have quite a lot of experience when it comes to granting commissions on yachts that have been used and motorboats all across the world and across Europe. You know for a fact that the best boats for sale can be obtained here at a price that would leave you in shock. 

As a part of the Yacht Broker Group that has been making sales of boats all through Europe for about forty years, we have more than seven hundred boats that you could select from across Europe and the United Kingdom. We know that for you as a client to make the best choice is quite important. You could want to buy your last boat or tone first boat. No matter the condition or whatever reason you might have for coming to purchase a boat, we are always here for you. We have all the necessary experience to help you all through your purchasing steps. With us, you would not have to go through purchasing used boats or yachts from people that do not have the necessary amount of experience you need from the team that you would purchase your boat from. 

Our yacht brokers team has lots of pride because they provide very high service levels as they take good care of our customers. These include going the extra mile to make the selling and buying processes straightforward and quite enjoyable. 

Parts of the Marinas that are Covered 

All the main marinas are adequately covered, and these include Dover, Sandwich, Ramsgate, Swale, Gillingham, and Chatham. 

List of services which we can Offer 

We can offer lots of services which would include the following;

  1. We can adequately help you with arrangements that relate to the Mediterranean and the United Kingdom. 
  2. We can also assist you with transportation and commissioning for periods where you would like to partake on onward journeys.
  3. We would also help and introduce you to insurance providers that are leading in the market. 
  4. You get to enjoy a free appraisal in the market for both yachts and boat for sale Kent.


If you sell or buy yachts or boats, give us a phone call and quickly make an appointment to converse or see someone on our team. We can quickly help you with all the requirements you need on the type of boats or yachts you would like. We are open six days a week. We can quickly help you get the best type of boat that could quickly meet all of your needs at an affordable price.

Just know that the best boats can easily be gotten from us, and types you would enjoy are always available.