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VICTORIA – After four years of intense preparation, Canadian winter athletes are gearing up to take the stage at the upcoming Olympics in Beijing from February 4th to 20th. After many past COVID-19 delays and closures, the Olympics are finally back on their normal schedule and a number of B.C. affiliated athletes are ready to take the spotlight in Beijing.

There is a total of 215 athletes officially representing Team Canada from far and wide. Of that total, 74 of those athletes (34% of Team Canada) have a direct connection to British Columbia. There are 68 athletes (32%) who are affiliated with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI Pacific) that have accessed programs and services and/or training in our facilities during the quadrennial lead up to the Games. A further seven athletes were born and/or raised in British Columbia that spent a portion of their development years training in BC.

“We are very excited to see that the Games are happening as scheduled so we can cheer on Team Canada as they take on the world in Beijing,” said Wendy Pattenden, CEO Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. “These athletes, coaches and national sport organizations have had challenges like never before to get to these Games and their determination, resilience and hard work have been inspiring. It’s fantastic to see Team Canada so well-represented by B.C. affiliated athletes in Beijing.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have an incredible facility partner in Whistler Sport Legacies, as well. Their facility, which houses CSI Pacific’s Whistler campus, is a legacy of the 2010 Vancouver Games and is a world-class facility for Canada’s winter sports athletes in which to train.”

A number of key organizations work collaboratively to help these athletes achieve their goals: Sport Canada’s sustained investment (through the Own the Podium Program), National Sport Organizations, the Province of British Columbia, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI Pacific), viaSport and its Regional Alliance partners all play an essential role in supporting young athletes and coaches throughout the province.

“We are immensely proud that B.C. athletes will be representing our nation as part of Team Canada. There are seventy-four athletes with deep roots in B.C. who have been training their whole lives to get to this point. We see the incredible challenges and sacrifices throughout the pandemic you have faced and know that qualifying for these games is already an incredible feat,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “Your success not only speaks to your incredible athleticism, but to your perseverance and strength of character. You are the best of the best. I join British Columbians provincewide who will be cheering you on. We wish you all the best for a safe and successful games as you reach for the stars.”

With the Province’s commitment to improving sport and increasing accessibly throughout the province, B.C. affiliated athletes continue to gain every advantage to compete on the world stage. By creating a safe and competitive environment, athletes have the opportunity to develop in many different sports. The athletes who pursue the performance pathway can access programs and services provided by CSI Pacific and viaSport’s Regional Alliance partners in their regions.

“The Olympic Games are an inspiring symbol of how sport upholds the values of determination, resiliency, integrity and community. Watching so many British Columbians on this stage also shows the strength of our sport ecosystem and the opportunities it provides at all levels of participation. As we cheer on these incredible athletes, coaches, and officials, let’s remember to find our own place in sport in our communities, whether it’s by registering for a sport program, volunteering, or supporting your local club as a fan or a sponsor. To Team Canada and all our B.C. athletes, thank you for the inspiration and good luck!” said Charlene Krepiakevich, CEO, viaSport BC.



B.C. affiliated athletes won 38% of Canada’s medals at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics and 32% of Canada’s 25 medals were won by B.C. affiliated athletes at the Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

There are many reasons for B.C.’s prominent position on the national sport landscape. These include:

  • The Government of British Columbia’s annual investment in sport of approximately $50 million
  • viaSport’s lead role in promoting and developing amateur sport and building a stronger, more effective and inclusive sport system for both athletes and coaches through provincial sport organizations and regional delivery partners
  • Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s technical leadership and support of Canada’s high-performance athletes and coaches. Using their mantra of Collaborate. Serve. Innovate. Perform., in combination with world-class training facilities, equipment and innovations, CSI Pacific helps Canada’s elite athletes and coaches maximize their potential
  • Collaboration with our National Sport Organization and Provincial Sport Organization partners, who demonstrate leadership and commitment to the Long-Term Athlete Development model, to provide expertise, service and support to B.C. athletes and coaches competing in 24 different Olympic Summer sports (over 70 different disciplines)
  • Introduction to multi-sport games experience and the sport excellence system by the BC Games Society who host the BC Winter and BC Summer Games, as well as manage the Team BC program competing at the Canada Games


Quick Facts about Team Canada’s B.C. affiliation for Beijing 2022:

  • 68 athletes benefitted from CSI Pacific and/or viaSport Regional Alliance partner programs and services in the quadrennial lead up to the Games
  • 29 people (20 athletes, 3 alternates, 5 coaches, and 1 official) who gained multi-sport games experience through the BC Games, Team BC, or both
  • 3 CSI Pacific sport scientists from two disciplines will be attending the Games in a professional capacity:
    • Craig Hill – Strength & Conditioning & Integrated Support Team Lead (Ski Cross)
    • Andrew Kates – Strength & Conditioning (Freestyle Moguls)
    • Megan Kamachi – Performance Technology (member of Canadian Olympic Committee Mission staff)

CSI Pacific will be keeping you up to date on the progress of all athletes with a B.C. affiliation competing at Beijing. Visit www.csipacific.ca or www.bcmedals.ca for daily results from these athletes, as well as additional information about them, including their hometowns, social media channels, and competition schedules.

The Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 are also coming up on March 4th. Once the team has been announced, we will provide an update on the CSI Pacific affiliated athletes going to the Paralympics, as well as those who are B.C. affiliated.

Go Canada!


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