Adia Barnes to make Mother’s Day appearance on ‘SportsCenter,’ join radio roundtable | Arizona Wildcats basketball

“To be a mom means the world to me,” Barnes said in a promo for the segment, “but it doesn’t mean I don’t follow my dream.”

Additions to the squad

Over the past month, Arizona has added guard Taylor Chavez and forwards Koi Love and Ariyah Copeland to the roster. Barnes said she hopes to land one more transfer — a point guard.

What goes into bringing in a transfer?

Barnes said she first looks at how the player can make her team better. She examines their flaws, too.

“When I’m thinking about ways to make us a little better and fill in the gaps, and I look at the areas that we weren’t great in the tournament,” Barnes said. “We had a tough time inside. When Stanford made a conscious effort to pound the ball inside (in the national championship game), we had problems.

“Then my thing is like, ‘OK, what can I do? How can I fill that void?’ Ithink Ariyah Copeland is a necessity, and we haven’t had a pound-the-ball-inside post player. Then I look at Koi; Koi is really versatile. She can score, she can play the 3-4 (positions). That’s an area that I felt like we haven’t had a whole lot. …

“Taylor Chavez is someone I love … I loved her game. I love the way she was scrappy. And she was a great shooter. She was fearless, tough … Taylor can play that No. 2 (guard), the 1, can shoot it — so multiple guard positions for us (she is) smart, fearless competitor, worker and plays good defense. Then Ariyah is just a bucket inside. … I’m excited about her. I think she’ll give us a totally different look inside and just the post presence.”