Aaron Rodgers Believed To Be Leaning 1 Way With Decision

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

We’re still collectively asking the same question today that we asked this time last year: Will Aaron Rodgers return to the Packers next season?

Until we hear something concrete from the reigning NFL MVP himself, we may not know. But ESPN NFL insider Jeff Darlington appears to know which way the winds are blowing.

Appearing on SportsCenter, Darlington said that the momentum is “decisively leaning toward Rodgers returning to Green Bay”. He highlighted the team’s decision to hire Tom Clements – one of Rodgers’ favorite coaches – as a big factor in the decision.

Via 247Sports:

“Based on all of my conversations over the last several weeks, whether it’s close to the Packers organization or people close to Rodgers, this still feel like the momentum is decisively leaning toward Aaron Rodgers returning to Green Bay,” Darlington said. “This goes back to the day that they hired Tom Clements as the quarterbacks coach. That was the big one here. That was the first shoe to drop, essentially saying the Packers are going to do the things that Aaron Rodgers wants to happen.

“Everybody I’ve talked to says the conversations since the end of the season have been positive and optimistic. If they get Davante Adams done, I believe there will be reassurances that Randall Cobb will be done. And of course the contract, which the Packers also are willing to adjust to make Rodgers happy. As long as this thing doesn’t go sideways, this still feels to me that Aaron Rodgers will return to the Packers.”

It’s certainly felt from the get go that Aaron Rodgers was closer to mending the fences with the Packers this offseason than last. Rodgers spent the entire 2021 offseason being vague about his intentions.

But while there was some speculation that he wouldn’t return following the Packer’s elimination in the playoffs, it quickly began to appear that Rodgers was interested in returning.

Will Aaron Rodgers be back with the Packers in 2022?

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