Day: May 31, 2022

It’s about more than sport bras, Albany schools

On a current hot afternoon, feminine associates of Albany Significant School’s track and subject squad ended up informed they could not practice in only their sports bras. So began a controversy that has garnered nationwide attention.

Some of the athletes told the Situations Union’s James Allen that when they balked at the rule, district Athletic Director Ashley Chapple questioned them to depart the follow. The college students complied, they mentioned, but quickly launched a petition protesting gender bias and boasting male athletes at the observe “have been asked properly to place shirts back on” without having punishment.

The tale does not end there, sad to say. That very same night, for causes that are not totally apparent, quite a few of the track athletes ended up barred by Ms. Chapple and stability guards from attending a lacrosse match on campus. The up coming working day, 13 of the girls

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New youth sports complex in La Vista could be open this fall | Local News

More than a decade after the project began, the Nebraska MultiSport Complex in La Vista near Interstate 80 is close to hosting its first competitions.

In its first phase, the complex will have a dozen artificial turf fields with lighting that can be used for soccer, baseball, fast-pitch softball, lacrosse, rugby and flag football. Many will be ready by this fall, and all 12 will be available by spring 2023 for local, regional and national competitions.

“Phase I is currently focused on the development of field sports (and) to create a championship complex,” Craig Scriven, executive director and vice president for the Nebraska MultiSport Complex, said at a Friday press conference. “The Nebraska MultiSport board of directors listened intensely to the community and their needs. And their needs were for a regional sports facility.”

Organizers say they expect the complex to be a “world class facility.” It is being developed

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