Day: January 5, 2022

Burrow, Chase, Higgins have made this team very good and fun.

NFL teams shouldn’t be consistently bad over multiple decades. The league is not college football, where financial, geographic, and branding disparities can keep a program up or down for generations regardless of its leadership. Nor is it baseball or soccer, where the richest teams can spend their way to a decent chance to win a title. The NFL has had a salary cap since 1994, and the worst team in the league has gotten the first overall draft pick for a lot longer than that. To miss the playoffs more than five or so years in a row takes genuine ineptitude, and to have so many down periods repeatedly over many years is even harder.

Enter the Cincinnati Bengals, who have had five different playoff droughts of five-plus years in their 54 seasons as an NFL or AFL franchise. The Bengals have played in the postseason 14 times and

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Antonio Brown shows up at Nets game after walking out on the Bucs

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Bulgarian Muslims hold winter wedding ritual

This is how a Bulgarian Muslim bride prepares for her weddingLOCATION: Ribnovo, BulgariaKimile Avdinova’s face is painted with thick white paintand decorated with colorful sequinsThe tradition is part of the wedding ritualthat’s been kept alive for hundreds of years(SOUNDBITE) (Bulgarian) MAYOR OF RIBNOVO, MUSTAFA ISA, SAYING:”The highlight of the wedding is when the bride is about to be taken to the groom’s house, the women apply makeup to her so that when she goes to the groom’s house she doesn’t look back. The purpose of this is, with the help of the Almighty, to never to think of going back, because in the end, marriage is exactly that, a person living a new life with their beloved one.”(SOUNDBITE) (Bulgarian) MAYOR OF RIBNOVO, MUSTAFA ISA, SAYING:”Traditional weddings in Ribnovo have always taken place like this. They were revived after the fall of communism

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