Year: 2021

The Feb. 6 lineup card for The Sports Page | Mdt Format Antenna

“The Sports Page:” live on WKVL 100.9 FM and 850 AM from 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday at Bluetick Tavern in Maryville with hosts Mike Edwards, Donnie Moore and Charlie Puleo.

Facebook:@thesportspagetn (watch live)

Insurance Agency lineup card:

ALCOA TENN FEDERAL CREDIT UNION HEADLINES: Sports Page newshound Donnie Moore digs deep to find the headlines not involving the Super Bowl.

GOTEEZ GOVOLS REPORT: Vol legends Lon Herzbrun and Ray Trail add their head scratching to the mystery of UT men’s basketball. Then the panel looks at what else is going on around the conference in the WATERS’ EQUIPMENT SEC NOTEBOOK.

ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Seymour girls’ basketball coach Greg Hernandez along with Lady Eagles Maci Pitner and Emily Russell reign 3s down on Daily Times sports editor Troy Provost-Heron.

LAMAR PRINTING MARC IT DOWN: The Alcoa boys middle school basketball team talks about tonight’s sectional game as

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3 key trends for fitness and sports in 2021

Gumtree has highlighted three key trends that will impact the fitness and sports sectors in 2021.

January is synonymous with the two extremes – stretching budgets to deal with the hangover of December’s balloon expenses while enduring January’s 45 weeks until payday and all the ‘new year, new me’ resolutions we make to shift the extra love-handles that December (and the months preceding) left us with.

The two together are a big ask – January’s bank balance is low, and the cost of fitness equipment is high. If you’re determined that this is indeed your year to focus on getting a fighting fit, consider buying second-hand fitness equipment to lighten the ‘load’.

With almost 9,000 sport and fitness items listed on its site, Gumtree anticipates the following 2021 fitness trends.

Reaching new altitudes 

Anyone who’s climbed Mount Everest will tell you that cycling at Everest’s altitude is an almost impossible

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How to win at football squares, top numbers to target

The Super Bowl offers plenty of opportunities to make wagers, from picking the winner of Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a slew of 2021 Super Bowl prop bets. One of the simplest ways to dip a toe into the Super Bowl LV betting pool is Super Bowl squares.

a girl holding a football ball on a field

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If you’ve been to a Super Bowl-watching party, you’ve probably noticed Super Bowl squares sheets come out as the end of a quarter approaches. The payoffs can vary depending on the pool and, with a little luck and a bit of skill, can be quite profitable, even for the uninitiated.

Setting up Super Bowl squares is easy. The organizer draws up a grid of 100 blank squares featuring 10 columns by 10 rows. Either the Chiefs or Buccaneers will be assigned the column, while the other team is

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Fantasy basketball forecaster – Feb. 8-14

Read below for the fantasy basketball Forecaster

In weekly transaction leagues, the schedule is one of the most important factors in determining how to fill out your fantasy basketball lineups. All fantasy teams have a hierarchy of player calibers, with a set of “best players” surrounded by a cast of lesser but still productive players from which to draw your weekly starting lineup.

All things being equal, a manager would start their best players every week and fill out the rest of their lineup based on things such as matchups. However, all things aren’t equal.

The schedule changes the bottom line, because teams can play a different number of games, against a different caliber of opponent, with different breakdowns of home vs. road, back-to-backs, rest nights, etc. All of these things matter, and as I’ve seen this season, they often matter more than a

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