Day: October 29, 2021

Here’s What Kevin Durant Said About Nets’ Teammate Kyrie Irving That Everyone Is Talking About

The Brooklyn Nets fell to 2-3 on the new season after losing to the Miami Heat 106-93, and dropping another game by double-digits. 

They also lost their second out of three games on their home-court. 

After the game, Kevin Durant who had 25 points and 11 rebounds, said something about Kyrie Irving that has the NBA Twitter world talking (see clip below from ESPN’s SportsCenter on Twitter). 

“Yeah, we do miss Kyrie,” Durant said laughing. “He’s a part of our team.” 

The quote states the obvious, but hearing those words come out of Durant’s mouth is still interesting. 

They are missing one of the best players in all of basketball, and until New York City lifts their vaccine mandate, or Irving gets vaccinated, they will continue to play without the seven-time All-Star. 

Technically, he could be a part-time player and only play games on the road, but the Nets have

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