Day: August 9, 2021

Reframe Patriots quarterback competition into quarterback combination

2 Minute Drill: Reframe Patriots quarterback competition into quarterback combination

This is sportscenter 5 2 minute drill. The patriots are facing a multiple choice question at quarterback. Do they go with a cam Newton or be MAC jones? What if the right answer is c all the above. The patriots don’t have a clear cut quarterback solution right now, both Newton and jones have their strengths and come with question marks. So the answer could be collaborative quarterbacking, don’t call it quarterback by committee. This would fly in the face of NFL convention. Now the old saw goes that if you have two Q. B. S, you really don’t have one. But if there were ever a coach that wouldn’t care about bucking conventional wisdom or the second guessing that comes with tandem QB play, it would be Bill

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Sunday Funday Moment: Sarah Farms surprises El Paso boy featured on SportsCenter with free milk for a year

El Paso, Texas– One El Paso boy became a viral sensation after pulling a double play during a championship baseball game this past June.

“So when the batter hit the ball it bobbled but then I recovered it and got the batter out on first then when I saw the runner running to home I ran home and got him out,” said 8-year-old Jordan O’Hara.

It was back in June when his game-ending double play landed him in the number 1 spot on ESPN SportsCenter’s top 10 plays after his dad tweeted the video out.

The cameras that caught that viral video were a donation from local dairy farm, Sarah Farms. They were installed to help parent’s safely watch their children play baseball games during the pandemic.

“We had no idea that at the time it would be Jordan getting a double play, be on ESPN Sportscenter’s play of the

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Following Maria Taylor’s Departure, Veteran Journalist LZ Granderson Announces Exodus From ESPN After 17 Years

Maria Taylor’s recent exodus from ESPN has drawn attention to a disturbing pattern of exceptional Black talent departing from the network on questionable terms. In recent years, we’ve seen familiar names like Amin Elhassan, Michael Smith, Cari Champion, Jemele Hill and others exit the network in favor of more supportive work environments.

“There’s not been one Black person—that’s been on air and that I can think of right now—that’s not gone through hell at ESPN,” said former SportsCenter host Mike Hill, who spent nine years at the network.

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And as the dominoes continue to fall, veteran journalist LZ Granderson took to Instagram to announce his own departure from “the worldwide leader in sports” after 17 years of duty. In doing so, he offered an honest assessment of his lengthy tenure: “ESPN is not the same company it was when I started and I’m not the same man.”


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