Day: December 3, 2020

Vanderbilt set to stick with trailblazing female kicker Sarah Fuller

<span>Photograph: AP</span>
Photograph: AP

Sarah Fuller, who became the first woman to play for a Power 5 college football team last weekend, is set to continue her career with Vanderbilt.

The 21-year-old took on kickoff duties for the Commodores last weekend after several members of the team were ruled out due to Covid-19 protocols. On Tuesday, Vanderbilt interim coach Todd Fitch said Fuller has been practicing again this week and will travel to Saturday’s game against one of the biggest teams in college football, Georgia.

“She’ll be with us on the trip to Georgia and we’re going to put the best people out there,” he said. “If she’s our best option we’ll continue with her and we’ll do the best we can for the team.”

When Fuller made her debut for Vanderbilt, she became just the third woman to compete in the FBS, the highest level of college football. The other two

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