11 things to know about new Bills QB Mitchell Trubisky

There’s a new quarterback in town.

Former first-round pick of the Bears in Mitchell Trubisky is now a member of the Bills. He signed a one-year deal with the team this past week. Considering he was one of the top picks in his draft class, you know him well already.

But why not get to know him a bit more since he’s making a stop in Orchard Park?

Here are 11 things to know about the Bills’ new QB:

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No. 2 pick

The main reason folks know Trubisky is because he was a first-round pick. Not only that, a top-overall one at the No. 2 selection at the 2017 NFL Draft.

… Not only that, he isn’t quite a draft bust yet, but hindsight is 20/20…

The only players selected before Trubisky at that draft was Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett. Trusbisky was QB1 off the board. Considering he’s now Josh Allen’s backup? Things clearly didn’t go according to plan.

The hard read for the Beats: He was drafted before both Texans’ No. 12 pick, QB Deshaun Watson, and the Chiefs’ No. 10 pick (which was acquired in a trade with Buffalo), QB Patrick Mahomes.

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Winning record

Having said all that about Trubisky not having things go super well for him so far in the NFL… he does have some numbers to suggest he’s decent.

While some might argue that this is not a quarterback stat, there’s still no debating: Trubisky has a winning record in the league. He’s 29-21 overall in his career and has a winning record every season aside from his rookie year. In addition, he has a completion percentage of 64 percent in his career, including a career-high 67 percent last season.

Bills had draft interest

The 2017 offseason was a weird one for the Bills. After the regular season ended, Rex Ryan was fired, and then Sean McDermott was hired. From there, Doug Whaley stuck around as general manager until that year’s draft and was fired after it.

The reasoning was because Whaley wasn’t just let go, the entire scouting staff was. If Buffalo did that before the draft? They’d have zero intel on prospects.

At the end of the day, it was clear that McDermott was calling the shots, but according to a previous report, the Bills did have interest in Trubisky and Whaley reportedly liked him during the lead up to that year’s draft. Buffalo even had a pre-draft workout with him.

Smoked the Bills

Trubisky has played one game against the Bills in his career-to-date. You might have erased it from your mind.

In 2018, Trubisky led the Bears to a beatdown of the Bills, 41-9. Buffalo failed to score in the first half while Chicago took a 28-0 lead into the half.

Trubisky wasn’t overly great that day, as he was 12-for-20 passing for 135 yards with a touchdown, and interception. But a win’s a win. He didn’t have three interceptions like Nathan Peterman in the game, at least.

And for what it’s worth: Tre’Davious White picked him off.

Award winner

Trubisky is an award-winning quarterback.

Last season the NFL put some football on an interesting channel: Children’s network Nickelodeon. Despite the Bears losing the game to the Saints, Trubisky won the “NVP” Award… the “Nickelodeon Valuable Player.”

In a more serious honor, he was named a Pro Bowler in 2018.

Has connected with one Bills WR

Is Tanner Gentry a lock for the Bills roster in 2021 now? The wide receiver who signed a reserve/ futures contract with Buffalo after their season ended… has played with both Allen and Trubisky.

Gentry attended the University of Wyoming. There’s the Allen connection. Then in a wild game, Trubisky and Gentry have connected on the NFL field before. Once.

In 2017, Trubisky and the Bears beat the Panthers, 17-3. In that game, the QB was only 4-for-7 passing. Of his four completions, Gentry caught one for eight yards. In Gentry’s entire NFL career, he has three catches for 35 yards and one of those came from Trubisky.

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Chugs beers

Allen? Chugs his beers with the best of them. Remember this one from Mich Hyde’s charity softball game?

Trubisky? Boom. Enjoying his Chicago White Sox baseball the right way:

Some food takes

While we don’t know his thoughts on chicken wings yet like Emmanuel Sanders, we do know his thoughts on soft drinks and other food.

Huge news, during a 2018 interview on “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stu Gotz,” Trubisky said he does not call soft drinks soda.

Like a true Buffalonian, he said it’s “pop.”

Also, he never really bought into Chicago deep-dish pizza, likes nacho Doritos over cool ranch, eats his steak medium, and hot dogs? Not a sandwich, per QB2.

Other teams interest

When Trubisky was signed, Bills general manager Brandon Beane exclaimed that he took a lesser pay day for an opportunity to “reset” things for himself with Buffalo for a season. So with that, who could have been some of these other teams reportedly interested in him?

We have a couple. First, the Broncos were one of them, according to ESPN. Another team was the 49ers, per NBC Sports. The Football Team was also a rumor.

Neat freak

Prior to being drafted, Trubisky revealed that he is a bit of an “OCD neat freak.” Per Bleacher Report, Trubisky vacuums up to three times a week and said:

“You want to have the nicest spot!” he said. “You don’t want to be a bunch of bums with food and couches not organized and all that.”

Trubisky doesn’t take saying such things lightly, either. He left social media following his rookie season and doesn’t use it a ton anymore. He said via ABC News in Chicago: “It was not good for my mental health. People are one keystroke away from accessing you. Why would I allow people who know nothing about me to have an opinion? Why would I allow them to have that space in my mind?”

One show he likes

Trubisky is a big fan of “How I Met Your Mother.” It was another pre-draft thing he revealed about himself. He says it’s got all one could want in a show:

“I was pretty addicted to the series when I was watching it,” Trubisky said, per the Chicago Tribune. “It’s got a little bit of everything, it’s got comedy, it’s got romance, it’s got really funny characters and good storylines.”


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